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Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not deaprt from it” Proverbs 22:6
  Children are silent, obedient employees who do not question adult authority. Child labours can only be abolishing by providing free, compulsory quality education and nutritional support with incentives for the child such as income generating schemes. They will admit into school instead of work. So we are trying to abolish child labours in our locality providing them education and nutritional support. We are trying to engage their families that their children to go to school. We gather the Children for the rural and tribal villages and give the education with computer education from the 2nd class onwards and make them worthy.
            We are seeking street, destitute, orphan and poor children to give them shelter and provide them proper food and education and lead them to Christ according to Prove 22:6. Many children lost their parents in various causes and become lonely without anyone to care for them. In the situation, the fell in roads and begging for the food. And some times, many were become robbers and fell into sin as per their desires.-         
            So, we at Global Prayer Army Ministries, seeking to start Orphan Home to give the proper food, shelter and education tot he poor and needy childre to lead them for Christ. If your kind heart inspired by the Holy Spirit, please support to the poor those who are perishing without knowing the name of Jesus Chrsit and walking in the wrong way. Please pray for our poor children those who are residing in India and arround the world. 
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