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“ ambition to preach the gospel where Christ was not known..” Romans 15:20

 There are thousands of born again, spirit filled young men and women in India, who are keenly interested in studying in the Bible Colleges, but they are unable to to do so because of :

  1. Difficulty in securing admission
  2. Difficulty in procuring a scholarship
  3. Difficulty in getting their Visa
  4. High Cost of Tuition, Room, Board etc., by our standards

Further, if these students were to study in USA or in any foreign country for 2 or more years, they will also face other serious problems such as

  1. Loneliness
  2. Seperation from the family
  3. Adjusting in a new Environment and culture
  4. Re-adjusting in India upon their return
  5. Probability of not returning back to India, after completion of studies, because of attractive opportunities available locally

        Therefore, we would like to offer here in India, the same program to conduct the Bible Training as the following ways to equip men and women for the endtime harvest field to send them to Bible less, unevangelized and least evangilism villages to save the perishing souls.

  • Regular Bible School
    • We would like to start Regular Bible School to equip the men and women for the End Time Harvest field.
  • Bible School via Skype
    • Skyp is wonder tool to teach from anywhere in the world. If you anybody wants to teach our Indian students over the SKYPE from your home, please feel free to contact us. We will arrange the students.
  • Free Correspondence Course
    • We are seeking to start Free Bible Correspondence school to teach the Bible to those who are unable to go for the Bible Colleges.
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